White Hat Technique

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Below are the points what is exactly White Hat technique is all about

White Hat technique is just opposite of Black Hat technique. Before knowing what is Black hat technique… You must be seeing in different platform that buy back links & you some amount to companies & they gives you back links. But the back links they will provide you will not be from the high authority websites or may be Keyword stuffing, using private link networks. The Google crawlers will easily identify that there is something fishy!!! & Google can blacklist you. So if you apply any unethical ways to rank your website on Google is called Black hat technique.

Keyword research- Don’t use too competitive keywords because every other person is trying the same keywords. Rather than this use long tail Keywords. When you type any keyword in search bar Google automatically suggest some other options as well. Google knows that people are searching for those Keywords hence try using those Keywords.

Back Links- Back links are very important. You can check from which websites your competitor’s are getting back links. There are some websites from where you can check it like Ahref’s, SEM Rush etc.

Competitor Analysis-  Research what your competitors are using. Go & read their blogs/articles & try to find out the Keywords they are using.

Content Writing- Try to write quality content to your website in every 2 days. Try to focus on 1 niche instead of writing on random topics. The length of the topic should be on an average 300 words. Try to write fresh content which was not published earlier & free of spelling errors with good formatting. Adding audio & Video in the content is an add on advantage.

Google Search Console- Sign in to Google Search Consol & add your website to it. You will start getting reports from this which will help you to plan accordingly.

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