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Already having a website but dont know how to attract visitors in your website???

Well Google Adward is a great platfom to attract visitors in your website. First go to google & search for Google Analytics. Add the website URL you want to promote. They will provide you a tracking code to the Header section of your website. If you are using a wordpress website you may find difficult to find the header section in your website.

Go to Plugins than add new & in the search option type Insert Headers & Footers. Click on install, after few seconds it will be installed, after installation click on Activate. Now go to Settings there you will find the Insert Headers & Footers. There you will get two sections Header 2nd Footer. Go to Header section & paste the tracking code & click to Save. Now when you search the Google Analytics on google than you will find the Analytics report.

Go to google & search for Google Adwards. Sign Up to Google Adwards & you will get access to the Dashboard. There you can choose the plan you want to run. But one thing keep always in mind that pay as minimum as possible. There are people who are spending Rs.10 to each keyword but for the same keyword some one else is paying only Rs.0.50. I will suggest here that dont pay more than Rs.0.50 per keyword. Run the add atleast for 15 days to get best results. Here you will also get option by which time of the day you want to display your add. Suppose you have a website where you sell ladies garments & you think that ladies will buy such products on Monday Thursday Friday in the office time hence you can put filter timing from 10 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday. Now you think that on Saturday & Sunday your potential buyers can buy products on 2nd half hence you can put a filter for Saturday & Sunday starting from 1 PM to 11 AM. Now your add will appear as per your filter & your add will reach to your targetted audience.

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